Can I use this clip or photo in my project?

Most clips and photos on our site may be used in virtually any commercial or editorial context, including:

•commercials for online or broadcast use

• documentary or journalistic videos

• feature-length and short films

• explainers and corporate videos

• websites and digital media

• video games and software applications

• designs, publications, and websites for commercial use

When you buy stock footage or photography from Dissolve, you license the right to use it in your projects in the ways described by each product’s royalty-free or rights-managed license.

What is a Royalty-free license?

Royalty-free (RF) clips or photos may be used for an unlimited number of projects and mediums, for unlimited duration, worldwide based on release status.

See our licensing page for available royalty-free licenses.

What is a Rights-managed license?

Rights-managed (RM) clips and photos are available for license per-project, defined by a combination of medium (such as advertising, television show, or film), usage (such as theatrical, festival rights, online advertising), scale (region or target audience), and duration (i.e., one year or the life of the project) andbased on release status.