How do I safely upload my resume?

Everything you need to know to get your resume safely onto your Creator profile.

By uploading your professional information to your Creators profile, you are boosting your exposure to both active and passive job seekers. Since many recruiters search first before posting a job, and sometimes never post a job at all, this feature allows you to better market yourself as a creative professional.
Your resume has its own unique URL that can be shared to anyone. If you decide to delete your resume file (which you can do at any point) the old URL will redirect any user to a 404 page.
Here are some best practices to protect yourself online:
  • Don’t share sensitive information (like your residential address) that identity thieves could use. Instead, ensure your resume has professional, instead of personal information.
  • Do include an email address that potential employers can reach you at. It’s always a good idea to make a separate email for job seeking - the sanity of your Inbox depends on it!
  • Do keep your resume up to date. By having an updated resume, potential employers are able to see your latest experiences and are able to pinpoint your compatibility with a job they have in mind.
If you follow these three tips, you can ensure you are marketing yourself to these opportunities while also protecting your personal information.