Unwatermarked Comp Limits At The Corp Level

You can adjust and alter the permissions of team members, as well as the number of unwatermarked comps they can download per month from the "Members" page.

Access the Members page from the Dissolve Priority drop-down menu. To make any changes, you must have admin privileges. Only an administrator can add more admins, or you can contact us if you would like to re-assign administrator powers.

Once you arrive on the Members page, you should be able to view, add or remove any team members as you please. All users must have a Dissolve account to be part of the team. There are different buttons for different functions on the page.


When a blue checkmark is present then this means that this permission is turned on for the user. You can only adjust the comp download limit for users that have "Unwatermarked Comps" turned on. 


You can turn these privileges on and off by clicking the button itself. If the privilege is off, it will show as white/grey instead of blue. 

Your Total Corp Limit

You can view how many unwatermarked comps downloads your team has by viewing the top left corner.  This is also a counter and will show you a ratio of:

(how many comps have been downloaded this month by your team overall) /  (how many comps your team has per month total)

Adjusting Download Limits

You can adjust the number of unique downloads each user can download per month. The sum of all of the limits of all of your team members cannot exceed your total corp limit, as described in the paragraph above. To set a limit, use the (+) button to add to the limit, and (-) to subtract from the limit. Hit the "set" button to save your limit adjustments.