How to upload content to your Creator profile

Steps on how to start uploading photos and videos to your Creator profile.

Complete your Creator profile by uploading photos and videos. The community will discover your downloadable Uploads through the Content Index Page.

Don't have an account yet? Follow this quick tutorial on how to join Dissolve Creators for free and set up your profile. 

1. Click the orange 'Upload' button. This button can be found in 2 places:

Find this button next to your account name


or right on your Creator profile


2. A modal will then prompt you to select the files you want to upload.

We currently accept jpeg, png, mp4, and avi file types.

3. Once you select the files you want to upload, add a description, story, location, and keywords. 

If you allow users to download your upload, it will appear on the Content Index Page for others to discover and engage with. 


Finally, click Done. Congrats- you've just uploaded to your Creator profile!

We're always looking to feature Uploads and Creator profiles. Keep uploading for a chance to get featured.


Want to learn more about Dissolve Creators? Read our Intro to Dissolve Creators.