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All you need to know about the inspiring and empowering community for creatives.

Working with talented filmmakers, photographers, agency professionals, and TV producers has taught us the ins and outs of various creative industries. 

Dissolve Creators, an extended platform of Dissolve Premium, is the inspiring and empowering online platform for creators to showcase their work and gain opportunities within a community of like-minded artists and industry professionals. We’re experts in stock footage and photography. For years, professionals in advertisements, film, & tv have picked Dissolve Premium for our high-quality, curated library of stock content.

Our dedicated staff, combined with our industry reputation and expertise, allows us to provide you the tools and resources to help you market yourself and further your creative craft. Our community is full of amateur and professional creatives based in different industries, from photography and cinematography to art directors and graphic designers.


Why you should join our community:

  • Showcase your work on your Creator profile, get noticed by like-minded artists and creative professionals. See your views and engagement grow!
  • Gain access to free downloadable content, fit to include in any creative project.
  • Network with other creators. Discover their work, connect, and collaborate.
  • Join a "No pressure" community. Whether you're an amateur or a pro, we want to provide you with opportunities to further your creative career. Receive useful tips and guides, get your work featured, and take part in easy-to-enter contests. 

Ready to join our community? Signing up is free and easy! Just follow the steps here. 


It starts with your Creator profile. 

Your Creator profile is where you can express yourself and set a good first impression for the community to see. This page is where your creative counterparts will learn more about you, view your work, discover your social links, and interact with you! Here is an example of Dissolve Creators' official profile. 

Your Creator profile is where you can showcase your work as Uploads. Uploads are photos and videos that you share with the community, as free-to-download or not. Every upload has a unique URL that can be shared across social media channels, or as a link. An info panel is included to show general file info and metrics such as views, likes, and downloads. You'll be able to view comments that others in the community leave on your uploads! Here is an example of an Upload created by the Dissolve Creators' team. 

Members in the community can Follow your Creator profile and tour your Likes and About tab. You can view more information about your profile tabs here. Discover other individuals in the community through the Profile Index Page. 


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Uploads that you and others in the community make available to download will appear on the Content Index Page. You can filter content by the most popular and most recent uploads. In addition, anyone in the community can Download and use these free videos and photos to achieve the design goals of any creative project under the Free Content EULA.

A community that's rooting for you.

Dissolve Creators is made by creatives, for creatives. Browse through our blog aimed to provide useful tips and tricks aimed at a multitude of artistic industries. In addition, we've introduced Dissolve Challenges- contests and giveaways designed to help photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and designers test their skills. It's always free to enter, see what challenges are currently active.

We're continuously sharing trending knowledge guides, Creator profile features, and Dissolve Challenge updates on our Instagram!

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