How to download files from your order

Step by step instructions on how to download files from your order

  1. In the site navigation (top right), hover over your account name.  A menu will display.  Click on Orders.  

  2. This is the Orders listing page.  Click on the relevant order.

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    The Orders listing page showcases all the previous orders associated with your Dissolve account or Team/Priority account.  Click to choose the relevant order you would like to view details on.

  3. The Orders page includes details pertaining to your orders such as order number, date of order, end-licensee as well as notes, total and current status.

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  1. To download a product file, you have 2 download options:
    1. Click "Download all" to download all clips and photos in your order. 

    2. Download files individually.  Click "Download" underneath the desired clip.


Download availability:

Download links are available up to 30 days from the date of your order.