What are the features of Dissolve folders?

Dissolve folders have many features including subfolders to organize, hearts to say what you like, and ability to create a quote.

Step 1: Select your folder

Go to dissolve.com/folders and select your folder. You can use the All, My Folders, Shared with me, Dissolve Research, and Archived tabs to locate your folder.


Once you've selected a folder, you will be taken to that folder page:


Step 2: Organize your folder

Once you've selected your folder, using the subfolder button you can create multiple subfolders to organize your clips and photos.


Step 3: Share your folder

Using the share button you can share your folder by email, by link, or with your entire team. Check out more about sharing your folder in our How do I share a folder article.

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 12.21.48 PM


Step 4: Begin collaborating 

Hover over the clip or photo to heart the item. Letting your team know what selects you like the best. 


Step 5: Create a quote

Once you've made your selections, you can create a quote instantly to share with your team, or client. Learn more about creating a quote in this article: How do I create a quote?


Step 6: More details

Need to see more details about your clips or photos in a folder? Select the details button to see the product ID, release status, and your selected license.


Step 7: Make your final changes

Want to save a clip or photo for later? Use the select button to allow you to multi-select items from the folder. You can move or copy to a different folder, heart all items, delete all items, or add all items to your cart for purchasing. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 12.21.48 PM