How do I add an End Licensee?

If you're working on a project for a client, you can assign them as the End Licensee so that they have the rights to use the footage.

1. In order to add an End Licensee you must purchase an unlimited user license. If you've picked a single user license and need to upgrade so you can add an End Licensee, you can do so right from the cart.

Just add in your End Licensee in the field, then click the green checkout button, you will then be prompted to upgrade your license to an unlimited user license.


2. To add in an End Licensee you can simply enter their name into the End Licensee field in your cart before you checkout.


The upgrade feature above allows you to upgrade your number of users. However, you can also choose different licenses to provide you with more usages and indemnification.

Check out this article on how to choose different licenses.